Nice to see you here friend. 
I've had a quite circuitous route with filmmaking since my first short doc, 8 years ago, on the integration of Arab immigrants and cultural dissipation. Following my passions and curiosity has led me to trail work in Southwest Colorado, calving in Montana, disaster relief in Puerto Rico, and ski instructing in Salida. 
Throughout my random odd jobs my desire to tell stories stayed constant. I brought whatever camera I could find and made films to varying levels of success, grappled with self doubt, lost a couple in the process and learned a lot along the way.
These past few years I've been working on a number of docs that my curiosity has led me to as well as commercially branded docs with national non-profits, DP'ing and editing on docs with Emmy award winning director Julie Jackson, and assistant editing for some amazing people (Ben Knight and Lyman Smith). 
I'm too much of a hobbyist for my own good and love to spend my time doing whatever my hyper fixation is at the moment. These days its chess, screen printing, making disco balls and nudie suits, writing pop songs, skiing, and beach vball.
I'd love to hear from you!
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